SHARE Creative is a marketing agency. We precision-engineer brand relevancy.

About Us

At SHARE, we love helping brands improve relevancy with the people that matter. We do this by mixing pioneering research and technology with strategy, creativity and performance to create solutions, messages and experiences that mean more.

We’re hugely experienced at doing this on social media and digital channels, but we’ll create new products, run TV ads, put up billboards, climb mountains and create events whenever we feel it’s the right, and relevant, thing to do.

The Process

Our mantra might sound mechanical, and in spite of our love of going fast, it’s not an accident.

You see, during our time in advertising, we saw a lot of things left up to chance – and we prefer to give ourselves the best odds for success. To think about all the elements that can help brands matter to people who will care.

That’s why we always use groundbreaking data, research and technology in our strategic and creative decision-making. We are always looking to find the best way to do something – and then do our best.

We know that if we understand the audience better, we will talk to them better.

It’s that simple.

The History

Our founding team have worked together for over a decade at industry-defining social agencies and social tech companies.

As we evolved, we began to see the power of mixing creativity with data. So, sat in a pub, we decided it was time for a new type of agency. One that used modern tools. One without the post rationalisation department. One that made decisions based on fact and insight, not feeling and opinion. One that let the audience write the brief, not the buzzword officer. One that cut the crap, worked earnestly, and just wanted to do great communications. One that was flexible, gave responsibility, and answered to no one.

One that would truly help people.

The Alliance

After 5 years of independently mixing creativity with data, in 2020 we moved into the next phase of our journey and became part of one of the leading advocacy agencies – SAMY Alliance. We’ll be combining our incredible legacies of brand relevancy & innovative solutions to continue growing some of the biggest brands around the world.

Together, we are an alliance ready to create growth.

The Team

SHARE is made up of some of the brightest, independent and pirate minds in the industry. We might come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, but we are bonded by a joint mission to create work that leaves a legacy, and cuts the bullshit. Together, we believe in Being Helpful, Defying Expectations and Enjoying The Journey.

Meet our team of innovators


40 Featherstone Street,
London, EC1Y 8RE, UK


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C. Aranjuez, 7 bis, 28039,
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Haarlemmerweg 331A, 1051 LH, Netherlands

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