Intelligence Suite


At SHARE our data science team work in production creating R packages, workflows and philosophies that power our research. The outcome is the Intelligence Suite, our proprietary technology offering that makes data driven insight more accessible.


ParseR | Our toolbox for advanced conversation analysis.

It’s rooted in the core principle of – Simplifying text via Term Frequency, Sentiment, and Object Distinction.

Sources include any text data:

  • Social media conversation
  • Review data, blogs and forums
  • Customer feedback
SHARE MeasureR

MeasureR | Our toolbox for improper modelling.

It helps clients define and track their business outcomes. It’s rooted in the principle of making the important measurable rather than placing importance on what you already measure.


AllocatR (Audience Segmentation) | Our toolbox for categorisation.

It helps clients put things into pre-determined groups at scale. It is rooted in the core principle of making supervised learning scalable.

SHARE PredictR

PredictR | Our toolbox for predictive analytics.

It takes common business metrics and infers their relationship with strategic business outcomes.

SHARE SegmentR

SegmentR | Our toolbox for unsupervised learning.

It helps clients find hidden groups that share similar characteristics in their data. It is rooted in the core principle of making unsupervised learning accessible.

ImpactR | Our toolbox for causal inference.

It tells clients what the effect of their action was. It’s rooted in the core principle of demonstrating how the needle moved.

ConnectR | Our toolbox for social network analytics.

ConnectR uses network analytics to visualise interactions between social media authors leading to deeper understanding of how conversations flow online.