Intelligence | Using pioneering research methodologies & technology to better solve core business problems

Market Research Overview

From landscape and trend audits to audience and conversation analysis, our Intelligence team conduct bespoke research to uncover the game-changing insights that can answer key business problems & brand challenges.

Exploratory Analysis

Our team of Insight Analysts harness the power of SHARE’s Technology to explore and understand social media conversations to help answer critical research questions.

What local nuances can we identify across markets? Are there any gaps for a competitive advantage? What do our audience care about? Using Topic, Market, Audience and Trend Analysis, we collect, interpret and translate conversations into meaningful data.

These custom reports and actionable insights cannot only revolutionise brand and business planning, but transform research investments and brand reporting.

Data Science

SHARE’s Data Scientists uncover all the insights and knowledge needed to understand your audience and how to improve the customer experience.

What are underlying themes that are discussed within a certain topic? Who is an opinion leader and how do they influence the discussion?

With Audience Analysis, Brand Analysis and Product Analysis, we develop bespoke modelling solutions and best practice statistical methods to help you unlock business opportunities.

Brand Health Audits

Our team also apply SHARE’s unique technology toolbox to evaluate all brand and competitor activity and current status.

By tracking current perception of a brand, understand its positioning, sentiment and influence, whilst also learning how existing marketing and advertising has affected these results, we can quickly understand what needs to be done to improve future activity.

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