Napapijri: Social and design strategy

Napapijri asked SHARE to define a new social content and design strategy for the brand focussing on their Design, Sustainability & Innovation (DSI) approach while creating an emotive connection with new & existing audiences.

Understanding the landscape

Napapijri came to SHARE with a problem. Like many fashion brands, their social platforms took a toll during the pandemic. How could they add more substance to their audience with a product-heavy feed that sometimes offered little variety? How could they remain a premium brand while becoming more accessible?

To inform our strategy, we proceeded with a landscape analysis and a social audit. Our insights told us that there was little sign of unique brand conversation around Napapijri; with most chatter being one-dimensional, more function-led, rather than conversational. However, their posts with themes of lifestyle, storytelling, and personality were driving success. So, how do we bring this to life through Napapijri’s product lean and DSI themes in a compelling way?

Empowering our audience to choose future

Napapijri exists to pioneer the future by creating functional, sustainable, and iconic outerwear for people who want to express themselves. A brand’s social channels should be reflective of their values and purpose. Looking back at our understanding phase, we knew that we needed to delve more into storytelling. How do we add emotional depth and connection to a product-led feed? By developing a dialogue (written and visual) that mirrors our shared interests (DSI) and focusses on lifestyle over function. In short, bringing a human element to the feed.

This led us to our social proposition: Empowering our Pioneers. We adapted our photography and videography to become storytellers. Our content took an educational and inspirational spin. It’s not about looking at an item but feeling it through the screen. We moved from aspiration to inspiration. By doing this, we’re encouraging our community to dissect the garment, look at what’s behind the thread and turn them into an informed audience. Our goal is to empower our pioneers to choose future through self-expression.

Our first quarter with Napapijri was a mixture of many things. Exciting, rewarding, busy, and most importantly creative. We delivered 3M reach & impressions across our main channels – Instagram and Facebook. We launched their first TikTok campaign with 7 influencers (keep your eyes peeled for the case study), 3 collections, 2 brand collabs, and promoted various store installations.

The ERs of both platforms were more than 6 times higher than the Fashion Industry average, proving our content connected with our audience; an audience that grew by 0.4% in the last three months, reaching a total of 1M followers. QoQ we’ve posted almost 50% more content, achieved an incredible 135% engagements, and that’s just the start.

  • Account Manager: Angeles Cardozo
  • Executive Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Creative Director: Robyn Saunders
  • Insights Analyst: Natalie Lam
  • Head of Insights: Camila Angio
  • Senior Content Manager: Amandine Bula
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Digital Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Junior Digital Designer: Jake Naparstek
  • Senior Digital Designer: Tom Stephens
  • Senior Strategist: Max Grünefeld
  • Junior Community Manager: Sona Halai