Napapijri: Brand Elevation

Napapijri and SHARE joined forces to understand, define and launch Napapijri’s new premium positioning on Social.

The start of a new identity

In 2023, Napapijri sought to elevate its brand image. For Napapijri, a brand synonymous with adventurous spirit and outdoor attire, the aspiration to claim a premium position in the industry required a strategic overhaul.

Our job was to create a Social strategy that would help reinvent Napapijri as a premium fashion brand.

Luxury vs Premium, what’s the difference?

Understanding the concept of “premium” was crucial at the outset of our research, for several reasons. From brand perception to competitive differentiation, clarifying the differences between premium and luxury fashion was essential in order to build a cohesive and compelling brand narrative. 

We delved deep into Napapijri’s brand ethos, unraveling the threads of its heritage while casting a keen eye on emerging industry trends. Armed with industry and competitor insights, and a finger on the pulse – we identified the job to do and began crafting both the design and social strategies.

The Strategy

The objective of the strategy was to help Napapijri understand what the new proposition is, and how to bring it to life.

The design strategy would play a pivotal role in premiumising Napapijri’s presence on Social. From Instagram Stories to TikTok videos, we meticulously crafted guidelines, fine tuned to adapt to the nuances of each platform, that would play an important role in shaping Napapijri’s new aesthetic. 

Build, Integrate, Expand

We then set out a three-phased plan on how to bring Napapijri’s new positioning to life. With each phase, we refined our output, which prepared us to launch our new brand direction. 

The priority in the first phase was to ‘reset’ our channels – we turned up our community management presence in new culture spaces and injected premiumness into our design. In phase two, our goal is to adopt a storytelling-centric approach –  identifying key brand narratives that resonated with Napapijri’s legacy of exploration and adventure, inspired by new collections. In phase three, we extend our storytelling and generate more noise for everything that we do, looking to match the reach of our competition through bigger activations and stories on Social.

“SHARE’s proactive approach, enduring patience, and meticulous preparation significantly contributed to the success of our social media accounts. Each team member, from the account manager to the creative and production team, has been a delight to work with. They consistently demonstrated professionalism and dedication, often going above and beyond to fulfill our requests, even in challenging timeframes.”

Clarissa Borgognoni, Communications Coordinator, Napapijri

  • Senior Account Manager: George Dingle
  • Head of Client Operations: Emma Fleming
  • Content Manager: Sara Davies
  • Creative Director: Robyn Saunders
  • Social Director: Andrew Swain
  • Strategy Director: Paul Hickey
  • Senior Creative Strategist: Eva Liu