How to Maximise Your Sprinklr Technology

At SHARE Creative, we’ve always followed one mission: make brands more relevant today and in the future. How do we do that? Well, we approach our projects with a social listening analysis and audit to understand the unprompted voice of consumers (and those of competitors) to inform our strategy and creative. 

We are also the home to numerous former Sprinklr employees, including our three founders, Ian, Alex, and Nathan. These experienced platform users (and good friends) saw the opportunity to take social insights to the next level by interpreting them to unlock actionable business solutions. 

As a powerful, yet complex software, Sprinklr’s customer management tools are best utilised by passionate and experienced users. In comes SHARE – a team of ex-Sprinklrites who grow businesses by mixing pioneering client research with strategic and creative thinking. 

Understanding Sprinklr extensively, we help clients set up, manage, and maximise their modules to get the most out of the platform. (We go far back enough with the company to even have supported the launch of their paid media module)! From onboarding to ongoing support, we are here for you during every step of your Sprinklr journey. And we approach each unique client situation through a consultative lens.

Consultative Approach:

  1. Workshop: Gather client background, their Sprinklr solutions, difficulties they are facing, and objectives
  2. Discover: Discuss the bespoke service necessary to help them embrace the depth of their Sprinklr account and reach their goals
  3. Solution: Provide the agreed upon service, from insights to creative activation, for the client to help them meet their KPIs 


1. Training: We can provide customised training for teams utilising the Sprinklr dashboard so that they can feel confident navigating its robust capabilities on their own

  • Hands-On Workshop: The opportunity for us and the client to navigate their pain points and opportunities
  • Virtual Presentation: We craft a custom deck with a presentation recording to dissect the client’s dashboard and describe how best to analyse findings

2. Services: We may assist the client in reaching their goals with supporting research, which then educates our creative and strategic recommendations and executions

    1. Intelligence
      • Exploratory Research
      • Audience Insights
      • Platform Enablement
    2. Strategy:
      • Brand & Business Strategy
      • Communication Planning
      • Influencer & PR Strategy
    3. Creative:
      • Brand Creative & Production
      • Social & Digital Media
      • Influencer & PR Activation
    4. Performance:
      • Brand Tracking
      • Paid Strategy & Delivery
      • Impact Reporting 

Our work is industry agnostic, and we are thrilled to work with clients on both retainer and specific projects. Below are a few examples of the challenges our partners provide and an overview of how we approach them, with the goal of relevancy at the forefront. 

Brands We’ve Supported Using Sprinklr:

  1. Microsoft
    • Overview: Helped the Microsoft Education team stay relevant and grow during the pandemic by analysing content, teachers, school leaders, the market, and competitors in their Sprinklr environment to identify how to adapt messaging to suit their target audiences.
    • Output: Informed by our research, we were able to empower users by speaking directly to them and their needs via tutorials, GIFs, animations, and infographics in thousands of personalised assets our studio created across multiple social, digital, and PR channels.  
  2. Diageo:
    • Overview: SHARE supported Diageo in their request to stay on top of the trends that will define the future of consumption and behaviour across multiple regions and cultures.
    • Output: We built a Foresight System within Sprinklr’s Social Listening module to track and monitor global trends, which will inform Diageo’s innovation planning for its entire suite of brands.
  3. The North Face:
    • Overview: We grew The North Face’s brand awareness and credibility by defining positioning and profiling their audience to align them with key activities, products, and brand pillars. 
    • Output: Brand playbook, 360 campaigns, social strategy, comms plans, paid media, benchmarks, IG launch, content creation, product shoots, brand films, and tone of voice.
  4. Napapijri:
    • Overview: Napapijri invited us to help define their social strategy to increase relevancy. As part of our strategic implementation, we advised on their social technology uses, then provided Sprinklr onboarding and reporting set up to ensure optimal use of the platform.
    • Output: As Napapijri’s social media agency, we currently utilise Sprinklr to manage and report on their social content, including engaging with their online community. We help Napapijri get the most of their Sprinklr modules by seeking efficiencies, improvement, and future content/campaign inspiration fuelled by the platform’s insights.

Need more proof of our value? Our trusted Sprinklr partner, Paul Ohls, kindly shared his insight: 

“SHARE Creative is a trusted partner we have worked closely with for years. With SHARE Creative’s expertise, our clients not only feel comfortable using Sprinklr, but also understand how to set up effective dashboards, analyze results, and translate data into actionable business solutions,” said Paul Ohls, Chief Revenue Officer, Sprinklr. “We are looking forward to continuing to provide customers with SHARE Creative’s unique consultative guidance to help them get the most value out of our platform.”

For more information about how we could support your business challenges using Sprinklr’s social listening tools, please get in touch via