The North Face: Progressive Explorer audience strategy

The North Face exists to inspire a life of exploration, and in 2017 they invited SHARE to help define their audience, and increase awareness and credibility among them.

Deep diving into exploration

To begin our understanding of the Progressive Explorer audience, we conducted a brand workshop with The North Face. We gathered all keywords, activities and interests associated with lifestyles and product uses.

Later, we turned these data points into a social listening plan, and we launched an audience profiling study. This epic listening study allowed us to segment and profile the audience by demographics, behavioural traits and relevant exploration activity.

Uncovering four key audiences for the Progressive Explorer

Once we knew where the audience was and what they were interested in, we could look at the social and competitive landscape. This helped us surface key areas of opportunity and threat across the market. 

Then, we utilised our auto-populated profile lists in all communication plans and activations.

Finally, our four key profile groups – the physical, creative, emotional and cultural explorer – went on to become the foundation for all brand activity.

The Progressive Explorer provided the base insights for further 360 campaign activations and launches. It also defined BAU social posting, re-formatted paid media targeting across the board and informed robust benchmarks for success.

As a result of this campaign, a bespoke benchmarking algorithm was applied to consistently measure The North Face share of conversation across the digital landscape. A truly data-informed way to inspire audiences to #NeverStopExploring.

  • Account Manager: Anna Winch
  • Insights Director: Carla Raven
  • Data Scientist: Harry Robinson
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill