Microsoft: Crafting insights on sustainability

Sustainability is the topic on everyone’s lips. So, with that in mind, Microsoft asked for our help to uncover the conversations happening on social.

In October 2022, the Microsoft Brand Team and Social Intelligence Practice invited us to explore the unprompted conversation surrounding sustainability. Using SHARE’s proprietary social listening data tools, we crafted a story of insights – from trust needing to be earnt by individuals to the responsibility larger organisations need to take. Our insights outlined what it takes to be a sustainable business, inspiring key actions Microsoft could take in the future.

From this work, Microsoft saw an opportunity. The insights found weren’t just valuable to them; they had the potential to be valuable to everyone at Microsoft. So we built a condensed insights report, this time outlining our findings in a light, digestible way.

While the insights do the heavy lifting, the terminology and graphs are not the easiest to understand if you don’t work with it every day. So, if the report was available to everyone, it needed to be simple and engaging to read for everyone.

This called for a chance to leverage all departments at SHARE Creative. Our creative team came in to support by simplifying the language and providing the relevant annotation, while our design team took their graphs and visuals, creating clean animations that were digestible for everyone.

The final delivery highlighted the strength in collaboration between our teams, showing the possibilities of storytelling together in the future.

“Having the ability to listen to what the world is saying about sustainability, in an unprompted and unbiased way, encouraged us to rethink the report, and how and who we share it with. We believe everyone at Microsoft can benefit from social intelligence findings, so we pushed ourselves and SHARE to translate these into actionable insights that would engage and resonate with all.”  Pia Rodriguez, Global Brand Strategy – Microsoft 

The great thing about social listening is its honesty. Diving into such a pertinent topic like sustainability in its rawest form was fascinating, and bringing insights and actions to life in a way that could support anyone at Microsoft was equally as exciting. A great collaborative outcome with the team at Microsoft, and a real showcase of how data, insight, strategy and creativity can come together for good.”  Robyn Saunders, Creative Director – SHARE Creative

  • Emma Fleming: Head of Client Operations
  • Robyn Saunders: Creative Director
  • Jack Watkins: Copywriter
  • Joshua Smith: Senior Brand Designer
  • Sam Cross: Designer
  • Mike Tapp: Data Director
  • Jasmin Fischer: Research & Insights Director
  • Jack Penzer: Global Data Product Lead
  • Lucas Henderson: Research & Insights Manager