Healthy Snacking: What’s driving consumer behavior?

Mondelez’s annual State of snacking study reported that 71% of consumers snack at least twice a day. And Euromonitor forecasted the healthy snacks market to reach $98billion by 2025. 

Here at SHARE we wanted to deeper understand this growing healthy snacking market and identify opportunities for brands to better align to their customers needs. 

We used social listening to monitor genuine consumer conversations, analyzing 350k discussions globally over a 6 month period in 2022. 

Our data scientists and insights teams then compiled these insights into an actionable report for food and beverage brands. 

Download our report to find out:

  • What consumers say about healthy snacks and what brands need to know about this demand
  • The key themes in consumer conversations
  • Differences in the language between different social platforms that could inform content strategy
  • Insights to inform product development