Creating Order from CAOS: How to measure the Effectiveness of Community Management & Advocacy

There are no singular metrics in the advertising industry to help us distinguish what an effective Community Management (CM) and Advocacy Strategy looks like.

Why is this? Arguably, until now, it’s been too difficult to measure and prove Community Management’s overall effectiveness, and social media platforms’ API limitations have made it tricky for third-party tools to prove it with data.

All too often, effective Community Management is summarised by a viral comment, usually a witty response to a community member or an admin jumping on a trend quicker than everyone else. However, CM effectiveness is based on much more than just 1 in 50 comment replies performing exceedingly well.

In the hope that we can inspire order from this chaotic and often unmeasurable area, we’ve also introduced a new framework to score your community, advocacy, and outreach strategies to enable you to audit, analyse and gain an effectiveness rating for your retained or prospective brand channels.

Download our latest report to find out:

  • The importance of Community Management
  • What Effective Community Management looks like
  • How a CM strategy should be implemented for a brand
  • How to measure the Effectiveness of a Community Management & Advocacy strategy