Understand and Improving Brand Trust

At SHARE, we’ve identified one key phrase – and metric – that has appeared more and more frequently in briefs, industry predictions, and consumer trend reports over the last few years. Trust.

‘Brand Trust’ has never been harder define, let alone to create.

  • Is it a feeling? An opinion? A relationship?
  • Do brands and consumers define it the same way?
  • Does marketing affect it?
  • Does that definition fit all industries and verticals?

This report is here to try and answer those questions, and provide a clear model for change and impact: 

  • What defines trust, really?
  • How do you create it?
  • Does it differ in different industries and verticals?
  • Can you measure and improve it?
  • What’s the future?

To help us on our way, we’ve used social listening. We’ve studied 10s of thousands of conversations that will explore the nuances and unique definitions of the phenomenon that is consumer trust, and help us to truly define it. 

We then overlayed it on Automotive and Tech verticals to understand what trust means for consumers and what brands in those spaces can do about it. Download the report below.