The North Face: Mountain Festival

We returned for another year at The North Face Mountain Festival to document their annual weekend of activities, athlete action and adventure live across social.

A weekend filming & editing in the Dolomites

With previous Mountain Festival learnings under our belt, we already had great content and audience insights to inform our approach. These learnings drove our overall strategy. We would create more real-time content and live moments for fans to engage with.

Launching both UK and DE Instagram channels earlier in the year allowed us to leverage this, giving us more formats to play with. Additionally, we also had the opportunity to create unique content for local markets.

On-site in the Dolomites, we shot, edited, wrote and managed all content across the weekend. We created time-lapse videos and interactive Q&A Stories with native athletes, in addition to climbing and hiking wrap up videos.

Moreover, The North Face athletes played a huge part in our content strategy too. We captured incredible POV footage on glacier walks and beyond. We summarised the weekend through the eyes of our users, focusing on an engaging series of UGC content that encapsulated the adventurous event in an authentic way.

The content across Facebook, Twitter and both local Instagram accounts drove almost 234k. The UK Instagram followers were highly engaged with our video content over the weekend, while the DE Instagram channel received the most likes and comments. Almost 500 posts were made in Europe during the week surrounding Mountain Festival, coming from brands, athletes, influencers and event attendees.

  • Account Manager: Anna Winch
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Content Director: Adam Gordon
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Photographer & Videographer: Tom Stephens