FutureProof Pro: Transforming a brand for life after sport

SHARE built a content strategy for FutureProof Pro to strengthen awareness of the brand, and provide ongoing support for sportsmen and women transitioning careers. 

As part of our Locally Grown initiative to support local businesses during the pandemic, we teamed up with FutureProof to help overcome challenges for ex-sportspeople moving from ‘boots to suits’ at the end of their career. To do this, the brand needed help transforming their content strategy to drive awareness, engagement and sign-ups to their platform, and SHARE’s expertise on content best practice. For a company passionate about helping a niche audience like professional athletes, we knew our strategy had to be hyper relevant and add real value.

Understanding the problem

To begin, we carried out category and brand analysis to identify key conversations and understand what industries our audience aspire to join, as well as the challenges they face finding a new role. From this, we found that while it’s common knowledge an athlete’s career is short-lived, their mindset is transferrable – and invaluable – for many other careers. We identified two audience strands, ex sportspeople, and current sportspeople who may not know the career challenges ahead. The trouble they faced was a lack of knowledge and real, human support for how they could take the next steps, and have a healthy career beyond sport. 

Evolving their game

Once we had an understanding of the challenges our audience faced, the opportunity was clear. FutureProof needed to be their new trusted teammate. Their new friend that would empower, advise and develop their skillset, no judgements made. From there, we formed the proposition ‘Evolve Your Game’ – a personal and mission led content experience that inspired audiences to improve and elevate their existing skills, with our support.

With a new audience-driven proposition in place, we crafted a content playbook, breaking down the who, what, how, why, when and where to speak as a brand. We needed to talk as experts to build credibility, but as a friend to drive trust, confidence and excitement about the possibilities. Using this, we gave their content a new look and feel under our strategic umbrella, plus a best practice guide to strengthen the success of their content.

  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Strategist: Max Grünefeld
  • Designer: Joshua Smith