Vans: Super Limited Editions

Vans invited SHARE to help generate mass awareness, usage and purchase of Vans Customs, their customisable shoe platform where fans design their own trainers.

Defining Vans’ audience personas

To better understand Vans’ customers, our data scientists leveraged SHARE’s own data model. Based on Region, Attitudes, Personality, Interests and Demographics, our model helped us analysed social conversations around Vans and competitors.

From this, we discovered where and who we should target before categorising them into three core personas; aligning with brand loyalty, culture or fashion.

Throughout the duration of the campaign period, Vans Customs also accrued 60% of all sales for the brand, proving tailored content and efficient optimisation reaches the most relevant audience and achieves successful results.

By understanding our audience and building a robust strategy results surpassed the page benchmark.

  • Account Manager: Anna Winch
  • Insights Director: Carla Raven
  • Insights Analyst: Dorothy Iskrzynska
  • Data Scientist: Harry Robinson
  • Paid Executive: Sam Faulkner
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Design Director: Nick Williams
  • Content Director: Adam Gordon
  • Art Director: Joel Newman
  • Content Manager: Dan Magidson
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Motion Designer: Matt Burns
  • Designer: Chelsea Carpenter