Realtime Media: A 360 digital transformation

We refined Realtime Media’s proposition and designed their new website to help them stand out as a leader in revolutionising the media industry.

As their media spend increased over the years, Realtime Media realised a need to futurise its online presence. They asked for our help with their digital transformation. 

Refining Realtime Media’s proposition

To kick off the project, we looked at their competitors to identify what makes Realtime Media unique. We capitalised on their UPS by creating a new brand proposition. We wanted to focus on their relentless full-funnel approach and their dedication to connecting brands to performance. This helped us inform our bold, agile and disruptive website design.

Going through a 360 digital transformation

As SHARE Creative approached the brand project, it was clear we needed to transform Realtime Media’s online identity to be more representative of their disruptive approach. Here’s a behind the scenes look into our creative process:

Refreshing the brand

We took the foundations of the previous logo and tightened it up. We straightened out the curved corners, gave ‘Realtime’ and ‘Media’ equivalent weight and size to even out the hierarchy. Additionally, we brightened up the colours to suit the digital atmosphere we were designing for.

Sharing knowledge with case study videos

While we were working in-house on wireframes, user experience and web design, part of the team shot 3 case study videos with the Realtime Media team. Through these, we shared some of their best strategies. And also showed their passion and never give up approach that differentiates Realtime Media from their competitors.

Designing a dynamic website

The original website had a one-page scroll structure. We expanded it to show Realtime Media’s skills, work and referrals in a way that educates, breeds instant trust, understanding and further discovery. Therefore, we needed to expand it to multiple pages while adding more dynamism in bespoke coded animation and video content. We took the brand colour red and added depth throughout the website through imagery and block gradients. The main aim of the website was to create a more established base that is akin to the best-in-class marketing performance work Realtime Media execute.

The rebuild was challenging as we didn’t want to alter their strong personality but wanted to enhance it. The combination of this new design and case study videos aligns Realtime Media with their new proposition, Connecting Brands To Performance. This rebrand gave the agency more control of its digital presence, increased their exposure and awareness of its services and placed them as a leader in revolutionising the media industry.

  • Account Manager: Amandine Bula
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Creative Strategist: Will Mills
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Photographer & Videographer: Tom Stephens
  • Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Motion Designer: Sam Cross
  • Web Developer: Quick Data