Napapijri: Launching the Freestrider with the Gorp Girls

Out there, from dawn to dusk. Napapijri are no stranger to Icons in their roster – and in summer ’22, the Freestrider was taking centre stage in a new campaign.

Napapijri, the Freestrider

At the start of 2022, Napapijri asked us to create mini social media campaigns that outlined their hero moments in the summer of ’22 – one of which centred around the launch of their new jacket, the Freestrider.

Given the jacket’s name, we knew we needed a connection to freedom. So through this connection, and Napapijri’s to the outdoors, we built a campaign heroing the spirit and togetherness in communities highlighting what it means to be part of something and how you can feel free together.

The Collective, with The Gorp Girls

Our campaign looked to follow the story of one group, one community – a collective. But to do this, we needed to identify the right collective for this campaign.

Now we’d partnered with Gorp Girls; it was on to the execution. We wanted audiences to build a connection with them by heroing their stories in a hero film, sharing anecdotes from each of the members while celebrating the individual interpretations of what being free, out in nature and part of a collective means to each of them.

With the shoot direction, we wanted it to capture three things. Nostalgia. Intimacy. Realness. Which is why we shot on Porta400 and the Arri Alexa Mini, with a vintage zoom lens, a mini-dv camera and a Super8 camera.

After speaking with the girls to find their favourite UK outdoor spots, we mapped out a route that started at Kent downs and stopped off at a few locations before catching the sunset at the Cliffs of Dover.

Bringing it to life

The campaign covered hero films, carousels, stills and stories – leaning in on the Gorp Girls’ stories and the Freestrider supporting them on their journey in its natural habitat.

The results? We saw a quarterly peak in impressions and engagements from the collaboration, which drove follower growth for the entire quarter.

  • Creative Director: Robyn Saunders
  • Head of Production: Tom Stephens
  • Production Manager: Jenny Pine
  • Account Manager: Carlota Pombo
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Photographer: Katarina Lilius