The Running Channel: A new brand strategy and identity

With a brand foundation established and half a million subscribers to the running platform, how could we build a new brand strategy and visual identity to increase relevance with runners, grow the audience and attract new partner opportunities, while truly celebrating their core brand ethos? 

After an extensive learning period, we identified TRC’s improvement mindset didn’t just apply to the brand – it was a real shared belief amongst all runners. We took this, shifting the brand purpose to ‘help runners keep improving’, supported by a brand proposition the whole community could resonate with: Run. Improve. Repeat.

We crafted a new brand identity that expressed these three words visually and tonally, creating something that would stand out not just on social, for the running platform, but within the sports entertainment market itself. 

A dynamic, flexible and energetic visual style brought the proposition to life, with application across social, digital, apparel, website and OOH – reflecting the wider enthusiasm and passion of The Running Channel and its community. This distinctive design system allows for limitless range on design output whilst maintaining consistency throughout.

We built a motion design toolkit with extensive on-screen graphics, transitions and typographic styles to support the video production at The Running Channel. 

In addition to the rebrand, we created a presenter strategy that sought to reconsider our business model with the presenters. By turning part-time presenters into lifelong brand ambassadors, we focussed on growing a talent pool of diverse running personalities that embody the brand’s spirit of support and companionship.

The brand launched successfully at the London Marathon with a pop-up on the Strand called Mile27. With a new look and feel well received online and offline, The Running Channel continues to prosper adding more brand partnerships and gaining new followers across the running platform.

  • Executive Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Creative Director: Robyn Saunders
  • Senior Brand Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Designer: Sam Cross
  • Account Manager: Silvia Jimenez