6G, Project Zero and Top Quality E-commerce

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Amidst wildly advancing marketing technology and data, advertisers are worried that brands are losing their human touch and treating consumers like ‘targets’
  • But doesn’t better understanding an audience improve brand-human connections? A recent study suggests the optimal IG posting time depends on the nature of your organisation, and your followers’ moods
  • In other news, the US President is pushing for 6G telecom technology – with absolutely no idea what it is, or what it does…. But at least it sounds good though, right?
  • From no idea to no imitations, Amazon has introduced ‘Project Zero’ – an invite-only, self-service approach to removing counterfeit goods from the world’s largest marketplace
  • In fact, US retailer Target is making its marketplace more selective with an invite-only initiative, in order to strike a balance between scale and quality – a balance Amazon is still refining

A final thought…


As larger, tech-driven companies continue to dominate the marketplace, we question how far they can push their business before loyalty and confidence is lost.

Amazon gives everyone what they want, when they want it. But can we trust convenience at scale? Are we losing out on quality and connection?

Maybe we want someone that knows us, instead of everyone.

Data Byte

As companies strive only to ‘move fast and break things’, can trust be lost in the hyperbole of growth? And more importantly, how can growing companies earn trust at scale?