Better Coke, Unprofessional Football and Friendly Data Scientists

This week in 60 seconds…

  • As a ‘super-familiar’ beacon of American culture, Coca Cola has finally decided to embrace innovation, working with younger teams to fearlessly roll out inventive new product ideas
  • Facebook may have also opened up new avenues for brands after introducing ‘shareable collections’, a social tool that could be used to facilitate collaborations with micro-influencers, spreading awareness of products
  • In fact, major sportswear brands are shaking up their ‘next bunch of football influencers’, stepping away from global superstars and reaching out to younger unprofessional players to scale their social community
  • In addition, Facebook has finally removed its ‘anti-replication’ policy, improving relationships with outside applications, encouraging them to share ideas, develop and grow together
  • Airbnb has assembled a brand new team of multidisciplinary designers, engineers and architects to create homes that are environmentally sustainable, working together to make sense of the outside world in the midst of a housing crisis
  • And at SHARE, we have been sharing ideas of our own – in fact, this week our Insights Lead travelled to Austria and spoke to students at the University of Innsbruck about our approach to data

A final thought…

The way teams operate has long been a secretive affair. Only now are brands and agencies beginning to diversify teams, developing and sharing new ideas to solve problems and move forward. The basic elements for what makes a company successful today have changed considerably, and wherever you look, agencies are less disciplined than they once were.

At SHARE, we understand that new platforms can emerge at lightning speed. As a young company at the cutting edge of data-powered creativity, our competitive advantage is not our actions, but beliefs; and we believe that a passionate team of data-scientists and creatives, with a diverse set of skills and an influx of new thinking can share ideas and co-create the best work imaginable. Our open way of working ensures that we are reaching outside of a traditional structure and working together as one solid unit to drive campaigns forward.


Data Byte

The ‘silo effect’ occurs when separate departments or teams within an organisation don’t communicate effectively with each other – and productivity suffers because of it. 83% of organisations admit to isolating data teams, curbing their access to other departments. What’s more, 97% of these ‘siloed data teams’ have a negative effect on the overall productivity of the organisation.