Bots, geo-fences and barmen

This week in 60 seconds…

  • ITV’s Reminder Bot has been announced as Facebook and Campaigns Pick of the Month. The bot uses ‘eye-popping’ creative and useful CTAs to ensure viewers never miss their favourite shows
  • If the idea of bots tickles your fancy, we’ve been playing around with them here at SHARE. With the opportunity to achieve unmatched levels of organic reach, you’d be mad not to want to read more
  • Scared of new features? Look to Instagram for inspiration as it churns out new additions on a seemingly weekly basis, with this week being no exception. Introducing: geo-fenced posts
  • Reddit is another great case study for embracing new features. Having launched its own video player just a year ago, the platform already receives over 1 billion video views per month!
  • Still not tickled your new feature fancy? Find a friend to do it with, just like Google Maps and Spotify. The two brands have entered into a creative partnership to help you enjoy music as you travel

A final thought…

You may remember bots were in the news a while ago when people were using them for gimmicky purposes or simply just to say they had one. Well, after the media hype died down, brands began finding innovative ways to use bots to increase their offering for audiences. Whether it’s a world-class bar man or a holiday planner, bots can be used to engage audiences autonomously.

Data Byte

Bots are a fantastic way to directly communicate with your audiences, without having to constantly interact yourself. Through bots, you can achieve 94% organic reach which is basically the stuff of dreams, right? If you’re interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.