BuzzFeed, spam and completion rates

This week in 60 seconds…

  • We’re talking Instagram Stories this week (yes, again) and how, given that the platform now has over 400 million daily users, it’s more important than ever to get them right – these should help
  • If you’re well versed in Stories, you’ve probably dabbled in the Q&A feature already. To those who haven’t, it’s time to get to work
  • In other Facebook Inc. news, the social giant has started testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed allowing you to try on new clothes, accessories and even place furniture in your home
  • Instead of adding new features or ads, BuzzFeed has gone for an entirely new look – switching to a more mature, newspaper-esque aesthetic
  • Love a good BuzzFeed article? Then you’ve probably shared a few of them with your friends through WhatsApp. However, the platform may soon curb your sharing habits in an attempt to fight spam

A final thought…

With Instagram Stories set to overtake the Facebook News Feed as most people’s preferred source of information, it’s vital that your brand is active on the platform. Each new feature that’s released for Stories offers a new opportunity to engage with consumers in a way that your competitors may not have adopted yet.

Data Byte

It’s fairly obvious that we love Instagram Stories here at SHARE but there is a limit. You know when you see someone’s Story has about 50 frames and you think, “nope, no way”, well you’re not alone. According to Delmondo the sweet spot for brands is 10 frames or less for Stories with a 69% completion rate. So, just like alcohol, the upload of Stories should be enjoyed responsibly.