Cannes Lions 2018 Special: Real models, Good Vibes and the Rise of the Planner

We headed to Cannes International Festival of Creativity last week for a dose of inspiration and an insight into the future of tech, innovation and advertising. Here are our top takeaways from the trip.

Do what you can’t

‘Do what you can’t’ is more than just a slogan for electronic giant Samsung, and their new Good Vibes app certainly lives up to this brand mantra. Lead by ad agency Cheil, the new platform exemplifies how technology can nurture and enable creativity, allowing deaf-blind people to communicate in ways like never before.

Use storytelling to make a real change

Spotify’s CMO, Seth Farbman, discussed what it means to be empathetic and how our efforts should be focused on making a genuine step towards a better world rather than a political statement for the sake of it, using their brilliant I’m with the Banned campaign as a reference. “We shouldn’t be afraid to alienate people – because inevitably if we’re making something good, it will and should – be divisive.”

Create a coalition of the willing

Collaboration was a big focus this year at Cannes, with eBay’s CMIO Dan Burdett sharing the brand’s latest investment focus in user journey analytics, and plans to plot revenue impact at every possible touchpoint. He believes that by joining business plans and aligning creative strategy, for a seamless user journey, will allow us to measure the true effectiveness of both creativity and media, and in turn create a healthier brand.

Be a real model, not a role model

What makes a role model? Being a 7’1″ brand himself (and former NBA player of course), Shaquille O’Neal spoke about why he feels role models are just playing a part in the greatest show – that is life – for the sake of it. Since he retired from the sport, O’Neal believes brands should be focused on being real and authentic, something that fans in an age of cynicism will appreciate – or publicly highlight if not.

2019: a golden age for the Planner

From the cynical to the golden age, Paula Bloodworth, Wieden & Kennedy’s brand manager for Nike, stressed the positive impact of Creative Planners getting involved in the executional side of the process, whilst still bridging that all important gap from strategy. Despite not being public-facing initially, Nike’s Nothing Beats A Londoner campaign came from a Planner, and ended up taking home several awards this year. No pressure, Planners…

Be Great (and good)

And finally, amongst all the rapid note-taking, talks and unavoidable sweating in 30 degree heat, we had a chance to sit back and view some Great Ads For Good Causes around the environment, human rights, solidarity and education. Enjoy!