Celebrations, Thank You and Cake!

Time flies when you’re having fun or so the old adage goes, and it’s not wrong. Unbelievably, we’ve hit the 100th issue of #SHARE60 in the very same week that SHARE turns three years young! We’ve decided to give ourselves a break from the usual format to dedicate this issue to you, our weekly readers.

Whether you’ve been with us since our preliminary issues, discussing the up and coming ‘Netflix and chill’ craze and rumours around a Stories feature on Insta, or you’re a new reader – we’d like to say thank you for keeping up to date with us. Rest assured, wherever there’ll be marketing news in the future, #SHARE60 will always be there to keep you ahead of the curve.

Now, we could drone on about all the cutting edge work we’ve done over the last three years but, to coin another cliché, a picture speaks a thousand words. And, if you have been reading #SHARE60, you’ll know a moving image is worth even more. So, here’s the last 3 years at SHARE condensed into 30 seconds.