Chechnya, Gen Z and Snapkit

This week in 60 seconds…

  • If Instagram’s becoming far too mainstream for you, Chechnya has developed a copy of the app, Mylistory, for you to try, defying U.S. sanctions in the process
  • Speaking of copying, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel’s patience with Facebook has… snapped… as he blasted the platform for copying everything from features to data privacy policies this week
  • One thing the little white ghost has over Facebook is its popularity with Gen Z – as they move away from the Zuckerberg empire, here’s what else they’re beginning to avoid
  • Ever the innovators, Snapchat is rumoured to be planning the launch of an original developer platform called Snapkit, coming to Facebook or Instagram soon after if history’s anything to go by
  • Not only that, but the platform has now introduced augmented reality masks that react to sound, rather than physical changes. Is this a step towards voice activation on Snapchat?

A final thought…

Snapkit may sound new and exciting but there are bound to be teething problems with this new software. Instead of using it immediately for the sake of it, craft a way to integrate it into campaigns in a way that adds value. People will always see through gimmicks.

Data Byte

Given that Gen Z is now the largest single population segment, at 26%, it’s important to keep them on side. According to Marketing Land, “the use of Snapchat is the most dramatic difference between Gen Z and other groups. More than 40% of Gen Z respondents say they use Snapchat in a store, compared to only 15% of other respondents.” So, if you want to talk Gen Z or increase footfall, you know where to go.