Dating, Shorter Songs and a Special Super Bowl LIII Data Byte

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Facebook is combining its monopoly of services, integrating each of their unique features to make our lives faster, simpler, reliable and as always, more FB orientated
  • As social media intertwines with life, there is of course, the growing conspiracy that tech firms are recording real-life conversation… Or, is our data simply telling them more about us than we think?
  • Facebook is encouraging its users to share more information – however, rather than an invasion of privacy, they insist the ‘live location’ feature exists only to share our ‘dating whereabouts
  • Teens are starting to conceal memes and intimate details of their personal life under ‘meme-and-theme accounts’ – insisting that the images on the surface represent their ‘true self’
  • In other news, songs are getting shorter, encouraging us to listen to as many tracks as possible because supposedly, that’s where the money is
  • And as well as streamlining their visual identity, HSBC has combined music from their international markets to create a single recognisable tune for those ‘on hold’ – not that we would want to hear it

A final thought…

As we continue to integrate our online and offline worlds, tech companies will build an alarmingly accurate picture of us. Data has the deepest understanding of how we communicate, share our personal thoughts, date, purchase and travel. It’s about identifying trends and making valuable predictions – guesswork so great we don’t want to believe it.

It’s the biggest day in the US advertising calendar this Sunday – Super Bowl LIII. Tom Brady alone, will have made more NFL appearances than any other team in football history. It was never predicted and no one would’ve guessed it, or maybe… the scouts didn’t dig deep enough.

See what we mean in this week’s extra-special Super Bowl LIII Data Byte.