Emoji sliders, virtual influencers and artificial intelligence

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Always wanted to tackle real-world tasks from your desk? Well, Google is making huge advancements in artificial intelligence and Google Duplex could be the one to make this happen. Watch more here.
  • And what would #SHARE60 be without a new Instagram feature update? This week, it’s the Story emoji slider, the latest poll sticker enabling your followers to respond to more nuanced questions, like how much do you actually like pizza?
  • And move over Kimmy K, there’s a new influencer on the block. While brands turn to virtual influencers to eliminate human spokespeople going rogue on their channels, these online replicas come with their own risks and challenges…
  • Meanwhile, Burger King shows brands how you can increase your followers by 10% in 24 hours with zero media spend. Intrigued?
  • In other news, Channel 4 have created an app that uses Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to decipher if a user is a robot or human; a piece of technology that could come in handy if Google Duplex takes off.

A final thought…

There’s so much going on in the world of artificial intelligence but finding out where your brand can fit in, or even take the lead, can be tricky. Be mindful of not conforming to the crowd, and take time to work out how your brand can utilise AI effectively to leverage a service or product. With a predicted 30% of people losing their jobs to AI, it’s clear that the tech’s streamlining capabilities are also surfacing a layer of competition between businesses that are brave enough to adopt it.


Data Byte

If you don’t believe in the power of artificial intelligence, then take it from the experts; it’s said to have the potential to change businesses forever, so take note…

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