Experiential, emerging tech and touchpoints

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Out of home campaigns hold a special place in most advertiser’s hearts and with good reason – Rapport has found that OOH had a huge impact on brand building, social media and search
  • If you’re more into experiential and emerging tech, Nike has created a fully customisable shopping experience – even down to the lighting
  • And if you’re lucky you may be able to get up to three percent off Nike products in the future if Facebook’s cryptocurrency gets off the ground – are you ready for FaceCoin?
  • Speaking of the future, Mashable has ranked various types of Sci-Fi space travel in order of realism and the potential to actually happen
  • And finally, the future of babysitting may have been solved as it appears children instinctively trust and conform with robots – did someone say Bicentennial Man?

A final thought…

Although social media is an ideal way of targeting specific audience types, the power of traditional advertising techniques should never be underestimated. Moreover, Rapport’s findings stress how important it is to reach consumers at varying touchpoints to push a brand message.

Data Byte

When talking about exposing consumers to brand messaging at different touchpoints, we’re talking about integrated campaigns. In the digital age, 360 campaigns work by sending the same message in different ways at different times whether it be by PR, TV, targeted dark posts or emails. How many different ways? Well, 7 to be specific. Discovered by the movie industry in the 1930s, the Rule of Seven dictates that consumers need to see a brand message 7 times before parting with their hard earned cash.