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A final thought

The hype around Facebook’s algorithm shift may sound dramatic and that’s because it is… in a way. But it shouldn’t be feared. The reality is that you can apply simple changes to your posting strategy in order to maintain your brand’s presence on Facebook. If you’d like to discuss the new algorithm, feel free to get in touch with us through our social handles and we’ll put your mind at ease.


As mentioned above, Zuckerberg has revealed his 2018 plan for Facebook. The platform’s goal from the get-go was to help people stay connected, so it’s no surprise that he’s making efforts to ensure this is still the case by filtering out less relevant content for users individually. In our latest whitepaper, our Creative Director and Partner, Alex Hill, explains what this algorithm change could mean for your business and how we can help you take advantage of it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Data Dose

In a push for quality over quantity, Zuckerberg aims to make time spent on FB more valuable, even if that time is shorter. This may mean we see the percentage of users who find FB content as relevant and interesting rise in the near future, whilst addressing the less satisfied ones. However, investors have already expressed their fears regarding the platform’s ad revenue and growth – between just last Thursday and Friday, Facebook’s stocks decreased by a whopping 5.2%.