IG Donations, Trendy Hikers and Clean-shaven Chests

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A final thought…

There is no doubt that diversity and inclusiveness is a good thing. In fact, our dreams of a utopian culture are built upon acceptance of all genders, physical appearance, religious beliefs, ages and sexual orientation.

However diversifying brands and the products they produce can have a very adverse effect.

Whilst we rally for bigger brands to better represent smaller marginalised groups or under-appreciated marketplaces – we’re encouraging growth, and with growth comes power and a monopolisation of the industry. Smaller authentic brands, who really believed in (and owned their positions) are disregarded as we make way for those we hated all along.

Data Byte

Brands like Amazon are diversifying their product range to appeal to more customers with different interests. As a result, their sales growth has increased since 2008. The question remains – where are the other businesses now?