IGTV, YouTube Music and consumer-facing tech

This week in 60 seconds…

  • You may remember us talking about Instagram’s hour-long video launch last week, well IGTV officially launched this week and can be found under the Explore tab
  • YouTube is also offering a new service having released YouTube Music and YouTube Premium which sounds a lot like Spotify… and that’s because they’re basically the same thing
  • In more environmentally friendly news, Uber is pushing drivers to use electric cars rather than gas powered equivalents by launching an initiative in eight North American states
  • The hospitality industry is also integrating new tech into its offering as Amazon brings Alexa to Marriott International to hotels. Think of it as an electronic concierge
  • With these new technological advancements being brought to consumer facing industries, Forbes gives us an idea of what else to expect from the tech industry in the near future

A final thought…

The launch of IGTV, YouTube Music and everything featured in Forbes’ list of consumer facing technology all open up opportunities for brands. The key is to ensure that the integration of any new feature or technology feels natural. Avoid gimmicks at all costs.


Data Byte

With over a billion searches per month, voice assistants such as Amazon for Hospitality are on the rise. 40% of adults now use voice at least once per day and 41% of people using it have only started using the feature in the last 6 months, showing the massive potential for growth of the platform. But who is ruling the voice assistant roost?


We’ve been sunning it up at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity this week, so keep an eye out for next week’s #SHARE60 for a special edition where we’ll bring you all the top takeaways from across the festival.