Imaginary Grub, Facebook Obituaries and Less Blue

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Hungry? Maybe it’s best to steer away from all-new AR menus that serve realistic, 3D visualisations of our favourite dishes…
  • Still can’t decide what to eat? It seems the snacks industry aren’t making things any easier, openly arguing over, and penalising one another’s ingredients
  • Meanwhile, Facebook once again fails in transparency – taking the mobile numbers it acquired through its ‘two-factor authentication’ process and sharing them with the world
  • And in an attempt to wipe away all that is bad about the social media giant, it has decided to fix things by, erm, making itself less blue
  • On the flip side, they have made some progress this week; for as things change and people come and go, we’ll finally be able to ‘memorialise’ FB accounts, appropriately transforming the walls of our loved ones into a beautiful tribute
  • And finally, Diageo want to know what its agency partners are made of, demanding that they restructure to better represent women –  just in time for International Women’s Day

A final thought…


Brands often make mistakes. Unfortunately, these affect customer loyalty, prestige, and positive brand recognition. It takes a lot to claw back and brands must think very carefully about how they do so.

Communication is key and it takes great strategy to fix things. Agencies must dig deeper to understand the disheartened consumer and give them what they want – honesty and positive change.

Data Byte

Research shows that brands today have an 82% chance of experiencing a crisis. Just over 20 years ago, the likelihood was just 20%, a consequence of multiple touchpoints including the open flow of information on the internet.