Instaflops, A Sweet Tooth and The Gift Of Giving

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Instagram’s plans to redesign its feed went sideways last week – literally – becoming this year’s most unwanted Christmas gift

  • However, Google Assistant has made giving gifts to those who really need them, far more convenient – so easy, you could do it with your eyes shut – in seconds…

  • And if you’re still unsure how your money is being spent, ChooseLove has created an online store where you can shop on behalf of refugees, buying them the absolute basics for survival

  • Meanwhile, a band of social media mums teamed up on Facebook and gave the gift of life to a couple that needed it most

  • And if you’re really not a fan of your mum ‘swapping’ your favourite sweet treats for a healthier alternative, Change4Life’s ‘Sugar Cube Invader’ is sure to scare you into following your New Year’s Resolution

  • And to inspire us all to achieve a healthier lifestyle this year, we’ve helped the Fine Diet launch their app, allowing people to reach their goals whilst still enjoying the food they love. Check it out!

A final thought…

The internet always has the answers to our most pressing questions – how to floss dance, how to solve a Rubix Cube, how to cook a turkey – you know, the important things.

But its potential to solve the bigger, fundamental issues of our time will certainly be tested this year; could any of these marketing trend predictions for 2019 help aid its success?

As a tool that’s designed to keep us plugged in for as long as possible, perhaps this year will see online communications remind us there’s a world outside that needs taking care of…

Data Byte

On average, nonprofits raise just 7.6% of their total revenue online after failing to retain users. However, 66% of all donors agree they would use a mobile app that allows two-tap giving to donate. What if we could just say the words?