Minds, Data Download and the future of social media

This week in 60 seconds…

  • WhatsApp announced that it’s planning to raise the minimum user age to 16 across Europe, although the Facebook-owned app won’t be asking users for any data so who knows how it’ll be verified
  • Whilst WhatsApp is kicking some users off its platform, Instagram has launched a Data Download tool allowing you and your data to leave the platform for good, if you so wish
  • With all the negative chat around user data recently, it’s good to see that social platforms like Minds are at least paying users for it
  • Not only that but innovators, such as VSCO’s co-founder Joel Flory, believe the future of social media lies in giving people the tools to be creative in a safe and unintrusive platform… which is just lovely
  • If you’re a fan of VSCO, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now spam your Instagram Stories with your recipe-d visuals as the platform now allows you to post multiple images and videos at once

A final thought…

An important aspect of Joel Flory’s approach to social is that consumers don’t want brands to interfere with their lives, but add to it. This is most prevalent when creating a content strategy – will your updates add value to your viewers’ lives or merely facilitate absent-minded scrolling?


Data Dose

With dark social becoming increasingly important for building trust with consumers, WhatsApp has a major part to play in the future of advertising. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that 29% of all users are aged 26-35 and 24% are 36-45, two key demographics for most brands.


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