Mixed realities, Skintellectuals and Blockbuster

This week in 60 seconds…

  • With storms set to hit the UK this weekend, The Weather Channel in the U.S. has set a precedent for extreme weather coverage using mixed realities – if you weren’t worried before, you will be
  • In other tech-related news, Chinese millennials are using “Black Tech” to transform their appearances. Think of it as an upgraded beauty routine adopted by so-called Skintellectuals
  • On a more altruistic note, Carlsberg has abandoned plastic rings by gluing cans together in an attempt to reduce plastic use by 75%
  • Embracing technology in campaigns is all about pushing boundaries and giving audiences a unique experience, just like these – The Drum’s best brand activations of 2018 so far
  • Finally, remember Blockbuster? Well, apparently there’s a final store still to open in Oregon. Anyway, following an honorary craft beer release last week, Blockbuster has now featured in the new Captain Marvel ad. Is this the start of a huge brand revival?

A final thought…

Key themes of The Drum’s best brand activations lie in merging technology with experiential activations. Combining the two for a seamless audience experience is imperative for making a big impact and standing out from the crowd. Create something memorable and people will talk about it, spreading awareness through word of mouth referrals.

Data Byte

Experiential marketing cannot be overlooked, with 80% of people believing that live demonstrations and free samples influence their purchasing decisions. If that wasn’t motivational enough, 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation. Basically, if you want to engage people and make sales, use experiential activations.