Frustrated with paying agency fees for untangible results?

If you’re bored of agencies prioritising their shareholder value over earning real client value, then it may be time to look at our unique performance based compensation model.

The marketing agency space is a unique world. Filled with ping pong, brimming with beer and saturated by instigated egos. Agency’s main focus has long been about selling me as a commodity and then striving to deliver work as quickly and efficiently as possible to make a bigger margin or profit (often at the mercy of quality or results).

Consequently, it’s no wonder that agency and client relationships are strained. With every change request, sick day, or misplaced meeting, the hope of probability is further eroded and the likelihood that the client is delighted therefore reduced. Its no one’s fault, it’s just a broken model.

What if you were invoiced based on results and KPIs achieved, rather than hours and ratecard? What if you locked in a rate that guaranteed that for every £100 you spend with an agency, your bottom line increased by £120. It sounds so simple and obvious that it’s a surprise no one’s done it before, right? (Maybe the majority of agencies are happy billing hours for vague results… who knows!).

SHARE Creative are a team in London and NYC made up of data scientists, analysts, strategists, creatives and paid media planners all focused on doing things differently and disrupting the marketing industry.

Our values are to help:

  • Help clients transform their marketing processes
  • Help clients understand the value of their marketing
  • Help clients become superstars in their roles

Fed up with the status quo? Why not contact us to explore if our performance marketing model could work for you.

How does it work?

Firstly we conduct an initial KPI framework session to help us understand your business goals. What can we track, what data channels can we access, what CPM/CPAs or delivery targets should we target achieving.

We then agree a brief, framework for success and delivery responsibilities. We actively embrace in-house skills where possible. Collaboration is key and we understand that the closer we are to the coalface the better.

Finally we set up the agency and client workflow using an online dashboard – with a partner called Sether – to track performance and allow you access to our performance analytics.

This unique process allows us to grow our relationship in a mutually beneficial way. Of course, we want to grow your spend with us… but only if we are growing your profitability as well.

Tracking performance with Sether:

We are the exclusive partner for Sether, the world’s first blockchain powered marketing platform. Built specifically to govern agency and client relationships, the Sether platform allows you to:

  • Brief multiple agencies and partners transparently, allocating budget based on impact on campaign
  • Manage deadlines and deliverables with payment goals assigned to KPIs achieved
  • Create legal contracts and SOWs that run as blockchain ‘smart contracts’. Distributed, automated and no requirement for legal council
  • Track campaign analytics including page views, conversions, social engagements, Google Analytics and revenue goals.

Brands we’ve helped include:

For more information, please contact us at: