Rebrand, takeover and new pastures

This week in 60 seconds…

  • There’s been a fair bit of ‘out-with-the-old and in with the new’ this week, starting with our beloved BBC that’s set to receive its first visual rebrand in over 25 years
  • Versace is set for changes of its own as fashion giant Michael Kors confirmed a $2.1bn takeover of the company, a move that’s proved unpopular with a number of the Italian brand’s fans
  • Speaking of unpopular, it’s rumoured that Mark Zuckerberg’s interfering ways have pushed the founders of Instagram to leave the company for pastures new
  • Their departure led to share prices in Facebook falling 2.2%, which’ll be music to the ears of the team at Snapchat who, incidentally, have just made it possible to buy a product by taking a picture of it
  • Finally, the hype around GDPR may have simmered to a residual level of annoying pop ups but, for AggregateIQ, it must still feel very current as the UK issued its first ever GDPR notice to the company

A final thought…

It’s important to note that the new Snapchat feature only works with products that are on Amazon. So, if Gen Z is the target demographic for your product and it isn’t on Amazon yet, this might be a great time to get it featured on the platform. Nudge, nudge.

Data Byte

A word of warning to those who are thinking of featuring their products on Amazon, as well as those already on it; over 90% of Amazon users won’t buy a product with less than three stars. And, as one of 353 million products, it’s a busy marketplace to be noticed in. Make sure you stand out for the right reasons!