Redesigns, tracking and self-destructing messages

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Snapchat’s redesign has hurt publishers more than we originally thought – Madison Kircher, associate editor at New York Magazine, has said that it’s, ‘caused engagement numbers to plummet
  • This is symptomatic of a larger problem for the platform as average views have dropped by over half and Discovery partnerships are beginning to suffer due to cost cutting and redundancies
  • But whilst the little white ghost suffers, larger platforms are still copying its ephemeral approach – this time Google is adding self-destructing messages to Gmail
  • This is a nostalgic spying reference to Mission Impossible which comes at a pertinent time given that Facebook has been tracking people – even if they haven’t signed up to the platform!
  • Lastly, the “iconic” leader in cultural trends Wetherspoons… has decided to close its social media accounts and doesn’t believe the move will impact their business… Stay tuned

A final thought…

Snapchat’s undergoing big changes at the moment but has the potential to become a true social powerhouse. Young people are leaving Facebook in their millions creating opportunities for less intrusive platforms. With this in mind, keep an eye on its progress to ensure you capitalise on future opportunities once the creases have been ironed out before investing time in your brand’s channel strategy.

Data Dose

Gen Z, the up and coming generation of spenders, has a wildly different approach to social media than its predecessors. Snapchat is 47% of teens favourite social channel, 24% preferred Instagram and only 9% chose Facebook. Interestingly, Facebook is seeing a boom in older generations with 9/10 “social seniors” over the age of 65 owning a Facebook account.