OOH, AR tools and the blockchain phone

This week in 60 seconds…

  • As the dust settles after Cannes International Festival of Creativity, get inspired by the big Out Of Home campaign winners
  • If they’ve got your creative juices flowing, why not try adding augmented reality into the mix as Instagram aims to add new AR tools for publishers in time for the holiday season
  • Another Facebook-owned app, WhatsApp, is also adding new features, helping users to spot fake news and rumours
  • You’d be forgiven for thinking that HTC’s blockchain-powered phone was just a rumour although it appears ‘the Exodus’ is on its way as the tech company exemplifies its ‘leading innovator’ reputation
  • A leader in the world of publishers, LadBible has been redefining the cringe inducing status of being a lad by using the organisation’s influence for social good

A final thought…

Given that the number of AR users is projected to hit 200 million this year, Instagram’s new tools are an ideal way of separating yourself from competitors who are slower to adopt the technology. As part of the Instagram app, it’s easy for audiences to find and use rather than having to download a specific AR app just for one campaign.

Data Byte

With apps like Instagram and Snapchat integrating AR into their offering, it should come as no surprise that the augmented reality market is set to overtake VR considerably by 2020. Their combined market is projected to hit $150bn in revenue by 2020, with AR taking around $120 billion and VR just $30 billion.