Six-second ads, VR and Akoin

This week in 60 seconds…

  • With instant gratification and constant stimuli eroding our attention spans on a daily basis, are six-second ads becoming the driving force of the advertising industry?
  • Well, apparently not according to some of the industry’s most prevalent creative minds who mostly believe that six-second ads are only effective if used in conjunction with other methods
  • Speaking of attention spans, who remembers Akon? He’s in the news again this week as he attempts to establish a city in Senegal that runs entirely on his new cryptocurrency: Akoin
  • If that wasn’t extravagant enough, a new VR-powered circus is opening in Los Angeles after the founders raised $21.5 million in venture funding
  • We finish this week’s #SHARE60 with a small hack for any of you, if there are any of you, still using Snapchat. You can activate the platform’s new Alpha UI on Android… you just have to know how

A final thought…

If you are going to make six-second ads remember that impact is everything. In such a short space of time everything that the consumer sees makes a difference. If your copy isn’t punchy and concise or your imagery is lacklustre, you can guarantee that they’ll be smashing the Skip button within two seconds.

Data Byte

When talking about the effectiveness of six-second ads, Marketing Dive found that, on television, they captured 8-11% more attention per second than any adverts of longer duration. Short-form ads drove 6% of impressions, despite only accounting for 3% of ad placements.