Startups, holidays and hidden features

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Instagram’s new features were apparently only found because advocates were exploring behind the platform’s user interface. Whether Instagram seeded the information to them or intentionally hid them in plain sight, the findings have built excitement around the new features. Could you use advocates in a similar way to build organic hype around your brand?



Last night we helped launch The North Face’s new Black Series collection. While posting live content from the London & Berlin parties, we were safely protected from those pesky radiation rays… as some of the jackets are made from anti-radiation material. Depending on how Trump & Kim Jong-un get on, you might want to pick yourself one up!

Data Dose

The influence of social media is incredibly evident when discussing holiday and travel. 52% of people change their holiday plans due to something they’ve seen on social. On top of that, 80% of potential vacationists will book a trip from looking at a friend’s experience in the same place. To summarise, hot dog legs may be irritating but they’re good for business.