The World Cup, translations and Insta shopping

This week in 60 seconds…

  • There’s new tech and features galore this week, starting with Instagram introducing shopping capabilities to its Stories platform
  • The healthcare industry has been making modifications of its own by aggressively adopting artificial intelligence. But is it ethical?
  • Meanwhile, if you hadn’t heard, the FIFA World Cup kicked off this week, pardon the pun. As one of the biggest marketing opportunities for brands, PR Week explains what they need to do to stand out
  • Speaking of the football, a journalist showed the world the best way to raise awareness of a device’s functionality by using a translator feature in a post-match press conference
  • In other device-related news, we spoke about Apple’s ARKit 2 recently, here’s TechCrunch putting its capabilities to the test

A final thought…

Arguably the most engaging platform around at the moment, Instagram Stories has already proven its worth with 1 in 4 organic Stories now receiving at least one direct message. The swipe up feature plays a crucial role in pushing people to particular landing pages and the new shopping feature will guide consumers towards that all important conversion. Basically, you need get on this as soon as you can.

Data Byte

When it first launched, many saw Instagram Stories as a cheap imitation of Snapchat, without a unique offering or proposition. However, we seem to be forever talking about new features being added to the platform and, as its offering has grown, so too has its audience. Stories now has over 300 million daily users, that’s one third of Instagram’s total daily users utilising the Stories feature – a figure that’s only set to rise in the future.