Three seconds, hate speech and the nuclear button

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Thinking of using Snapchat’s new ads? It’s vital that the first three seconds of your video are engaging enough to retain audience attention. 45% of people who enjoy the first three seconds of a video will watch another 30 seconds, giving you more time to get your brand message across.



Happy New Year from of all of us at SHARE! In case you missed it, during the Christmas period we launched our SHARE Jingle Jumble Sale to raise money for Crisis and StandUp for Kids. We raised over £100 for our chosen charities, so thank you to those who donated. Check out our Christmas contribution in Campaign’s best agency Christmas cards. Our website is still live, so it’s not too late to take your pick from a selection of our quirky campaign memorabilia and donate!

Data Dose

Mobile payment formulas have been perfected in China for some time now with 90% of Chinese consumers adopting WeChat for offline purchases – making it a more popular (and admittedly less banned) social network than Facebook in China. According to Business Insider, the Chinese social giant was able to successfully digitise the cultural tradition of sending money via red envelopes known as ‘hongbao’. WeChat’s other features – including digital tip jars, bill splitting, and third party integration – points towards the future of social payments.