Travel Guides, Weed and Eggs

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Already planning this summer’s vacation? Look no further than Virgin Holiday’s Trending Travel Guide as it taps into online conversations to provide real-time holiday recommendations…
  • The sneakiest of marketing agencies have figured a way of selling the impossible – employing young, upbeat influencers to promote drug use online
  • In fact, GoDaddy have also been sneaking into their websites, and taking valuable data without asking for it
  • Meanwhile, depending on the department, Amazon’s army of influencer’s will now earn commission on every sale they drive  
  • Even greater news for influencer sales – Snapchat’s latest ‘Apposhere’ study revealed the effect our favourite apps can have on our daily lives and emotions…
  • So effective in fact, that the simplest image of an egg has become the most-liked photo of all time
  • And we’re not the only ones beginning to question what’s best – Gillette’s new take on their age-old tagline promotes an evolved idea of masculinity

    A final thought…

    Undoubtedly, technology is shaping our lives, influencing customer thinking and behaviour. However, amongst the wealth of algorithm-generated content and targeted media, there is a growing need for human to human interaction – we want to hear it from the people themselves. Although we’re online, we’re figuring out ways of seeing behind the plethora of advertising, and it seems that brands are finally creating spaces where we can listen to those we know and trust – ourselves.

    The future is all too human.

    Data Byte

92% of consumers trust recommendations from other humans – even someone they don’t know over branded content. We may be spending less time with our human counterparts, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for their opinions elsewhere.