Troops, Running Backs and Special Deliveries

This week in 60 seconds…

  • Unfortunately, in its latest effort to recruit the ‘snowflake’ generation of soldiers, the MoD forgot who they were speaking to – branding its target audience with negative cliches

  • On the other hand, this AI voice tool knows just how to speak to its audience – offering vital one-to-one care to those living with anxiety

  • But are tools designed to glean data for health purposes being misused? A rush by this season’s fastest NFL running back has raised the all-important question – are we tracking fitness, or are we playing with contracts?

  • In other news, our favourite delivery guys are finally paying attention to the out-of-towners

  • But, Deliveroo aren’t the only ones delivering everywhere at once – Instagram’s latest update means you can post to multiple accounts at one time

  • And finally, MasterCard have also done their best to accommodate tiny spaces – totally redesigning their logo to fit smaller, wearable devices

    A final thought…

    The internet has provided wonderful, life-enhancing services over the years, but along the way it’s created a lot of collateral damage, particularly when it comes to privacy. In exchange for 24/7 AI mental health support, food on demand and tiny chips in our shoulder pads, sharing personal data is the price we pay. We have nonchalantly become willing collaborators, without us even worrying about it too much. When signing up to the next big app we must remind ourselves – yes, we’re making things easier for ourselves, but we’re also making things a hell of a lot easier for them.

Data Byte

Despite the countless data scandals of 2018, according to a survey of over 1,000 US consumers across all age groups, the percentage of people comfortable with a company using their data history if it results in a higher level of customer service has seen no significant increase since 2017.