Video calling, crypto-ads and fake followers

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A final thought…

However tempting it may be to buy a few (thousand) followers when creating a brand’s social channels, don’t. They won’t engage authentic followers and your brand won’t be taken seriously. Concentrate on providing engaging content and adapting a solid strategy and real followers will find their way to you.



This week, a delegation of the SHARE office attended the We Are Social event on How To Beat The [Facebook] Algorithm. But, despite the valiant efforts of the panel – we’re no closer to finding a solution. In reality, the only way to keep abreast of the changes is to keep tracking content and monitor changes – because by the time Facebook announce it, it’s often too late. The panel were quick to point out the enduring value of ‘meaningful content’ – however, what this vague and catch-all term means in light of Zuckerberg’s changes remains to be seen!

Data Dose

It’s set to be windy in the UK in the next few days. It could be a weather front from the arctic, or it might just be thousands of social media managers everywhere breathing a sigh of relief as Instagram – finally – announced the release of scheduled posting. Latergramme have helpfully conducted research into the best times of day for posting after analysing 61,000 messages delivered from their platform. While these are helpful in boosting the likelihood of engagement, let’s not forget the quality of the post is the most likely factor to contribute to success.