Cryoskin: Brand strategy and creative campaign

SHARE launched Whatever The Reason campaign with Cryoskin, the non-invasive fat loss and body contouring technology.

Operating across both B2B and B2B2C models, Cryoskin US seemed disconnected from their end-users, the wellness guru looking to shape the body they want using Cryoskin technology. In an overcrowded landscape, they needed to find their voice, stifle the competition and become the lead brand in the wellness market. We helped them do that. 

Defining Cryoskin US audience

Through a deep dive of Cryoskin competitors, we identified three clear audiences: Aesthetic Practitioners, Self-Care Moms and Health & Fitness Lovers. When looking at how competitors speak at them, their look and messaging were alike. It was easy for audiences to mistake Cryoskin US for any other body contouring brand. It was our mission to make them stand out, to create an iconic cult brand, with a community of modern body lovers.

Make every body proud, whatever the reason

To do this, we got into the mindset of our audiences to find a common emotional truth. What are the benefits of Cryoskin? Losing stubborn inches? Reducing fat? Getting smoother skin? Yes, but they weren’t only talking about the physical results. There was a sense of pride and confidence. We capitalised on this feeling and transformed the brand. We wanted Cryoskin to be the brand to Make Every Body Proud, Whatever The Reason. With this in mind, we created a fun, metaphorical social and digital campaign, playing on the funny and relatable reasons to get Cryoskin, and we ensured our tone of voice spoke as one of our audience, not just TO them. 

And to support Whatever The Reason, we produced distinctive iconography and premium photography. How do you feel when you are confident? When you are proud of your body? You want to shake it, you want to show off, you want to have fun. That’s exactly what we did during our photoshoot. The pictures are warm, relatable, empowering, inspiring and playful. They invite you to dance, be confident, take ownership of your body and become a Cryo Star.

Launched in March 2020, Whatever The Reason spoke directly to our audience through relatable reasons to be body proud with Cryoskin. We used a tongue-in-cheek TOV,  with playful animations and a stand out look and feel – for a typically sensitive topic – in a way that’s original in its category, whilst staying true to our mission. The campaign was predominantly featured across all Cryoskin US social media platforms as well as YouTube pre-roll variants. 

  • Analyst: Saffron Vandenburg
  • Content Manager: Amandine Bula
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Digital Designer: Sam Cross
  • Digital Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Digital Designer: Tom Stephens
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Project Manager: Abigail Tullett
  • Hair & Makeup: Jyn-san
  • Models: Lynne-Anne Rodgers, Akil Argie, Tatiana de W, Funso, Sophie Waldron
  • Photographer: Thomas Bartley
  • Stylist: Holly Coopey