Far Out Recordings: Driving D2C sales and music streams

SHARE teamed up with record label Far Out Recordings to bring the music of Brazil to the world through record sales and streams.

As part of our Locally Grown initiative to help businesses through the pandemic, we partnered with Far Out Recordings to offer our expertise on how best to drive more sales and streams during this unprecedented time. Using industry, brand and competitor insights, we curated a well-rounded view of the landscape, before defining a robust comms strategy to guide the Far Out team on how to execute it effectively.

Behavioural shifts

Analysis showed that streaming had risen dramatically over the past 5 years, vinyl LP sales had seen an all-time high, merchandise was booming, yet music purchases had dropped. We also saw a huge shift in how and when people were listening to music before and during the pandemic, with music discovery opening up new occasions. Success came to competitors who utilised partnerships, human-centric comms and pushed the brand beyond music into new avenues such as merchandise and education. All of these insights were super exciting for us as we could already see the potential with Far Out – not to mention some of Brazil’s most incredible funk, jazz and house music at our fingertips.

Heroing the experience

We refined a strategic direction that encompassed everything our insights told us – be user-centric, elevate relevant occasions and focus heavily on streaming music, and selling merchandise.

This led us to our proposition: Hero The Experience. We needed to be a label that was reflective of cultural changes in music consumption, and leverage the best moments – and opportunities – to experience Far Out music. To aid this, we crafted a comms plan that defined new audiences and what to say to them as well as where, when and how to say it. This breakdown gave the Far Out team a structure to action straight away, and ensured all communications fell under the new umbrella of relevant, timely experiences.

  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Strategist: Max Grünefeld
  • Content Manager: Joe Moring
  • Insights Analyst Saffron VandenBurg