Sky: Voice Control with Idris Elba

Sky asked SHARE to develop an awareness-driving social campaign to help launch their latest feature, Voice Control, for Sky Q.

Understanding the target audience

Sky needed to launch a campaign showing the next-gen capabilities of their latest feature Sky Q Voice Control.

First of all, we had to understand how best to talk to our target audience. To do this, we used social listening to identify how Sky users wanted to receive this type of messages. They wanted to be entertained rather than shown direct product-led videos or tutorials.

Launching the campaign

As a result, we launched the campaign with Idris Elba. It was made of a series of entertaining social videos that featured him testing and using Sky Q Voice Control in a playful way. We found that a mix of mobile-friendly videos featuring Idris with animated 3D text overlay performed best, and optimised our creative as we delivered the key product messages.

Following the success of Idris Elba’s videos, we recommended a follow-up featuring some of Sky’s football and boxing ambassadors. For instance, Thierry Henry, Paul Merson, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Anthony Joshua and Jonny Nelson.

Then, we created a variety of situations and environments for these sporting legends that allowed them to control Sky with their voice. These humorous moments included having them comment on their own games & fights and testing their punditry skills, as well as playing a range of competitive quizzes!

Both the launch and humorous, entertaining videos performed exceptionally well, with above benchmark results in views, engagement and completion rates. By bringing unique stories and moments to the table in snackable videos created for social media, we were able to educate Sky’s customers in a fun way, through content they enjoyed tuning into.

  • Account Manager: Xuan Vo
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Photography & Videography: Tom Stephens