Offset Earth: Make a positive impact

SHARE collaborated with Offset Earth (now Ecologi) on the launch of their subscription service aiming to empower individuals and businesses to become climate positive for less than £1.25 per week.

Initially, Offset Earth were using organic social media across Facebook and Instagram to drive users to sign up and become climate positive. With an online base of ~70 followers, they needed to change their approach to reach a wider audience. We joined them on this important climate crisis movement, and helped Offset Earth identify key audiences and how to spread relevant messages to them.

Understanding the climate change landscape

Firstly, we looked at estimating the extend appeal of Offset Earth. Our findings showed that searches and conversation around climate change increased by 137% in 2019. Indeed, the topic of carbon offsetting was becoming more prominent with a yearly increase in searches of 300%. However, services like what Offset Earth were still a minor part of peoples’ eco-minded decision-making. It only controlled 4.8% of the global conversation around climate solutions.

Then, we identified three key audiences: Environmental Lovers, Outdoorsy Lifestylers and Political Enthusiasts. They all had various stages of knowledge of Offset Earth’s mission. Now was the perfect opportunity to share our climate-positive initiative with them.

Launching the first wave of ads

With 2019 heat waves and Extinction Rebellion frequently making the news, we had to capture an audience already thinking about the climate. So we could help them take their first steps into environmental consciousness.

In August, we launched the first wave of ads. We created multi-variate testing across all audiences with placements on Facebook and Instagram.

We used the brand iconic illustration style to develop colourful and cleverly animated ads. They would show the subscriber a visual representation of their growing forests. Moreover, our copy was thought-provoking and encouraging. The idea was to inspire a sense of community and positivity.

Relentless adaptation to drive results

Using marketing tags to capture all customer actions across Offset Earth site, we saw our ads driving a cost per acquisition (CPA) of ~£20 in the first two weeks. Our Performance team would maximise our relevance with daily optimisation and reporting check-ins. 

Subsequently, the first wave informed the evolution of the campaign. It helped us adapt the creative, refine our strategy and audiences. Thus, by the second phase in October, our CPA was reduced to £13.66.

With a social listening and survey-led research project to inform our digital marketing strategy, and subsequent Facebook and Instagram ads from August through to the end of 2019, SHARE helped Offset Earth spread their message leading to:

– Planting 445,000 trees in 2019
– Increasing the monthly plant rate to 100,000 per month
– Gaining 336 sign-ups to ongoing carbon offsetting
– Beating the lifetime CPA target by 5.6%
– Introducing 620,000 people to Offset Earth

The learnings from this launch will ensure that Offset Earth can efficiently expand beyond the United Kingdom and help more people take control of their climate impact.

  • Account Manager: Amandine Bula
  • Paid Media Strategist: Sam Faulkner
  • Data Analyst: Saffron VandenBurg
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Motion Designer: Tom Stephens