Southern Comfort: Partnering with DJ BBQ

SHARE helped Southern Comfort increase the awareness of Southern Comfort Black during the Christmas season, with a festive DJ BBQ cook-up complete with all the trimmings.

Aligning brand partnerships with overarching strategies

We teamed up with legendary influencer x BBQ chef x DJ, Christian Stevenson aka DJ BBQ, to produce a traditional festive menu of food and cocktails, using the bold, sweet and smokey whiskey liqueur – Southern Comfort Black – as the key ingredient. As the official Southern Comfort ambassador of food, DJ BBQ helped us continue our strategy of aligning occasions with the brand. In the summer, he aligned the key serve – Southern Comfort Original, Lemonade & Fresh Lime – with BBQ food and summer gatherings, so in December it was natural to continue the campaign with the key winter serve, Southern Comfort Black & Cola. We wanted to utilise both his community and ours to help generate awareness and strengthen our brand partnership even further.

Cooking up something delicious

We filmed a mouthwatering line-up of Southern Comfort Black & honey glazed Turkey with all the trimmings, Black & Cola pigs in blankets with bacon roast potatoes and finally a quick Black & Cola cocktail recipe to wash it all down. We packaged that up and served it to consumers’ plates predominantly as owned and earned content, from photography and bitesize clips to longer form IGTV and YouTube recipes.

The content generated a total of 140K views, 10K likes and 150 comments, mostly people sharing how they’re going to try it for themselves. We then retargeted ads featuring a December discount in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons at those who had viewed the content to inspire purchase, and some tasty festive food.

  • Account Manager: Xuan Vo
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Content Director: Adam Gordon
  • Senior Content Manager: Joe Moring
  • Videographer: Tom Stephens
  • Designer: Joshua Smith